Jim Bowers Art Exhibit at Ravenswood City Hall

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Some of Jim's original work. Much more to see at the Art exhibit located in the lobby of the Ravenswood City Hall. Now to September.

Katrena Ramsey, superintendent for the Ravenswood Board of Parks and Recreation, is excited to host a second art show at the Ravenswood City Hall, located at 1 Wall Street.

The exhibit will feature a variety of art by local artist Jim Bowers. Prints of his artwork will be sold to raise money for the college funds of his children, ages eight and 10.

Bowers, who has been diagnosed with terminal, stage four cancer, wants to ensure his children have the financial ability to attend college. All proceeds from the sale of his artwork will go toward their college fund.

Bowers said his art is his own personal view of the world.

“It’s my way to touch and understand the world around me. After being diagnosed with a terminal glioblastoma in January of this year, I felt the need to pick up a pencil and brush again,” Bowers said.

When Bowers was physically able to work on his art, he did a series of oil paintings where he used family photographs as his inspiration. He said it is his way of leaving behind a memory for his family members.

“They’re mostly (of) his family because that’s what he cares most about. He wanted to leave some things behind to his children that were meaningful,” Ramsey said.

Oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, sculptures, and costumes will all be featured in the exhibit.

Bowers’ artwork will be shown through September during the building’s office hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Items for purchase will be marked with a gold star and are available in three different sizes: 8x10 for $25; 11x14 for $50; and 16x20 for $75.

Anyone who wishes to provide a monetary donation to the family may contact Katrena Ramsey at jkramsey@casinternet.net.

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