Brothers of the Woods Outdoors (BOTW) was created by a group of men that love hunting and the challenge of filming their hunts.

According to the BOTW team, their success is not based on the size of their kills, it’s about passing on their hunting tradition and passion for the outdoors to others, especially youth. They are about spending quality time with their friends and family while making memories to last a lifetime.

One local teen, Dawson Coberly of Ravenswood, participated in the hunt of his life with BOTW pro-staffer Gary Sheppard.

Sheppard, also from Jackson County, met the BOTW team at a local Hunting and Fishing show several years ago. Being impressed with the team and having a mutual love of hunting, Sheppard later accepted an invitation to join the group.

Sheppard said he ran into Dan Coberly one day, an old friend of his. Coberly was talking about his twin sons when he told Sheppard that one of the boys, Dawson, was dying to go turkey hunting. Not being an avid turkey hunter, Coberly asked Sheppard if he would be willing to take Dawson on a turkey hunt. Sheppard was happy to oblige.

Coberly’s brother had a farm near Sheppard’s farm in northern Jackson County so he and Dawson met up with Sheppard there for Dawson’s first turkey hunt. Although the experience was something Dawson enjoyed, he did not make a kill.

However, the following year was much better for Dawson, then 15, who bagged his first turkey and even had the kill on film.

“It was a really exciting and amazing experience to me,” Dawson said. “It really opened my mind up to turkey hunting.”

“We are thankful for Gary,” Dan said. “The Brothers of the Woods are a great group of guys and they really enjoy getting the children involved.”

Dan said Dawson’s twin, Daniel, is getting excited for his upcoming turkey hunt on April 18, the first day of West Virginia’s two-day youth spring gobbler season. Dan said he and Dawson will attend as well, but will be on their own as Sheppard takes Daniel out for his first turkey hunt.

Dawson’s episode, set to air on WDTV channel 5 out of Clarksburg at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 12, will feature his hunt and first turkey kill. Once the show has aired it will then be available to watch on the BOTW Outdoors YouTube channel at 8 p.m. that same evening.

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