Chris Michael wanted more.

So, too, did his Devilette volleyball team.

But the Devilette season, which ended in the highly-competitive Class A Region IV, Section 1 Tournament with a loss to perennial power Wirt County, which didn’t get out of the section this year, is one Michael can once more term successful.

“I’m very proud of my team’s effort this year, especially the last few weeks of the season,” said Michael. “We improved significantly and fought hard to the very end. I’m especially proud of my four seniors (Kendall Bowen, Kendra Casto, Macey Manns and Hannah Heatherington). Their leadership on the team was outstanding. The kind of leadership they displayed doesn’t happen every year. I will miss them deeply.”

Ravenswood finished the season with a 25-18 mark. It was the 10th time the program has reached the 25-win plateau and the fourth straight (30, 35, 32 and this season’s 25).

Devilette volleyball has enjoyed 20 of 22 seasons with a winning record.

The past four years produced a program-best 122 wins for such a stretch. Bowen became the winningest player in school history by playing all four years during the stretch. She was chosen as team MVP.

Bowen was First Team All-Little Kanawha Conference, giving the program at least one for the past eight seasons.

Michael is hopeful the future will soon find Devilette volleyball in the State Tournament.

“Sports can be cruel sometimes and that cruelty has been felt by our program for the last three seasons because we are in the toughest area of the state in Class A volleyball,” he said.

The section featured State Tournament teams Wirt, Williamstown and Parkersburg Catholic, who Michael calls three of the Top 5 or 6 teams in the state.

“We are probably the sixth or seventh best team in Class A volleyball,” Michael said.

He said the mission is a simple one.

“The only things we can do are keep working hard, keep doing things the right way and hope we get that chance to play in Charleston soon.”

Chris Michael wants more and so, too, do his players.

It’s why Ravenswood volleyball is among the state’s best.

2018 Statistical Leaders

Leading scorers:

1. Hannah Heatherington - 532 points *12th best single season in Devilette history

2. Macey Manns - 457

3. Kasey Hoff - 390

4. Jazlyn Skeen - 271

5. Kendall Bowen - 156

Serving Leaders:

1. Rylin Tabor 430/450 (96 percent) with 68 aces *13th best single season total in Devilette history (430 serves in)

2. Jazlyn Skeen 395/415 (95 percent) with 65 aces

3. Kendall Bowen 345/370 (93%) with 60 aces

4. Hannah Heatherington 362/396 (91%) with 60 aces

5. Kendra Casto 124/127 (98%) with 6 aces

6. Macey Manns 279/309 (90%) with 54 aces


Rylin Tabor 2,355 sets on target (6th best in Devilette history), 96% of all sets were on target


1. Hannah Heatherington - 792 spikes in with 288 kills *11th best single season in school history with 288 kills and 7th best spike total with 792

2. Kasey Hoff - 541 spikes in with 243 kills

3. Macey Manns - 668 spikes in with 261 kills *14th best single season in school history and 13th best with 668 spikes in


1. Kasey Hoff - 173 *6th best in Devilette History

2. Jazlyn Skeen - 58


1. Kendall Bowen - 1,069 passes on target (78%of all passes on target)

2. Hannah Heatherington - 519 (71% on target)

3. Hallie Bigley - 491 (71% on target)

*Team - 2,999 passes on target (72% on target)