The Ravenswood Red Devils opened up with an optimistic TD in the first quarter against the Ritchie Rebels but continued on to their third straight loss, 14-32, and moving to 2-3 on the season.

The Red Devils scored twice, both off of runs by Luke Jackson. The first came on a 1-yard dash by Luke Jackson to cap a 52-yard drive in 10 plays to open game scoring in the first quarter. Tanner Snodgrass got the extra point to briefly give Ravenswood the lead at 7-0.

Ritchie answered back via a 16-yard touchdown pass from Dakota Wayne that found Gabriel Ray for the score. Ravenswood kept the lead when the extra point failed.

The Rebels scored on Ravenswood twice in the next quarter, first via Zach Cline on a 1-yard run and again on another Wayne pass to Tatum McCloy.

Jackson scored again for the Devils in the third on an eight-yard run to cap a 60-yard effort in 8 plays, but Ritchie had the final say when Garrett Owens scored on a 14-yard run to make the decision final.

Chase Hood led the offense with 75 yards in 6 attempts. Jacob Anthony had 70 yards in 14 carries; Luke Jackson had 58 yards in 13 carries; Wayne Stephenson had 10 yards in two carries; and Max Hilton had 5 yards in 3 carries.

Hilton was 5-1 passing with 8 yards. Wayne Stephenson was 1-8 receiving with 8 yards.

The Red Devils drew 4 penalties, costing 45 yards. All of the team’s 13 first downs were picked up on the ground.

Tanner Snoddgrass kicked off three times for 130 yards, averaging 43 yards a kick.

Chance Shields had one kickoff return for 24 yards; Sam Sturm had one for 32 yards; Bryson Litten had two returns for 47 yards; and Luke Jackson had one return for 15 yards.

On defnse: Jacob Anthony had 15 tackles, 8 solo, and 7 assists; Wayne Stephenson had 14 tackles, 5 solo, and 8 assists; and Luke Jackson had 13 tackles, 6 solos, 8 assists, 1 tackle for loss, and 1 caused fumble; Sam Sturm had 7 tackles, 4 solo, and 1 assist; Brice Lively had 5 tackles, 1 solo, 4 assists, and 1 tackle for a loss; Joe Chambers had 4 tackles, 2 solo, and 2 assists; Ethan Lane had 3 tackles, 1 solo, 2 assists, and 1 tackle for loss; Caleb Lane had 3 tackles, 1 solo, 2 assists, and one 1 sack; Erickson Corbin had 2 assisted tackles; Nick Williams had 2 assisted tackles; Max Hilton had 1 assisted tackle; Nathan Moore had 1 assisted tackle; Devin Casto had 1 assisted tackle.