Ripley High School athletic training aides are instrumental on the field.

Athletic trainers work hard to make sure athletes have everything they need on the field. Ripley High School has a program to assist athletic trainers by allowing student aides to help with the daily needs of their athletes. 

The Athletic Training Student Aide (ATSA) program is for students who are interested in sports medicine, athletic training, athletics or just want to be more involved in school activities. Student aides learn about the profession of athletic training, get practical healthcare experience, assist with daily training room responsibilities, and provide care for athletic competitions. 

The ATSA program at Ripley High School offers Athletic Training I and II. These classes are only offered during a student’s junior year. A GPA of 2.0 or higher must be maintained. 

At the end of their junior year, the student will undergo an application and interview process. Once this process is complete, if selected, the student will begin their staff training during their senior year of high school.

Student Aides work every day during fall sports from 3:30-6 p.m. and every football game on Friday nights throughout the season. “They put in roughly 240 hours,” Ripley High School athletic director Steve Lough said.

Part of an athletic aides duties include keeping players hydrated and healthy. 

Lough said his student aides always say, “We are not just water boys.” 

Student aides are also in charge of setting up the equipment and supplies for practices and games. 

“Even though their work is done behind the scenes,it does not go unnoticed,” Lough said. “The coaching staff and players are very appreciative of the work they do.”