Well, to start off this writing assignment, quarantine has been alright for me. I’ve been able to spend more time with family, get projects done, enjoy life more, and dig deeper into who I really am. I am very appreciative of that. Of course, there are all kinds of thoughts running around my head during quarantine, but the one that comes up the most is why. Why have this pandemic, why now. It could be a way for us to appreciate more in life, learn the value of being in a community, etc. or it could just be the fact that this is exactly what we needed to remind us how important life is and how it can be gone in a matter of seconds! Whichever scenario it might be I just pray that we learn from it.

I’m a night owl while in school and out, but I’ve found myself lately writing at the earliest times of the morning about my life. I’ve written about my seventh-grade year, my parents, the beloved camp I attend during the summer, and I’ve even found myself writing about my past, present, and future. That is one thing that I appreciate during this time, being able to express myself through a piece of paper on things that are truly important to me! I know for a fact that if we weren’t in the middle of this pandemic I wouldn’t be writing this much so I am grateful for the opportunity to write more. I have been fixing up my house, painting doors, online shopping, talking with friends, sleeping more, but I’ve also missed out on my track season(which I was really looking forward to), being able to sit in a classroom and learn, going to the mall with my best friends, and being able to walk around in the community without gloves and a mask on. Those are all things I would be doing if not in quarantine right now.

Like most people right now I have been saying I want to get back to “normal”. Then about 2 weeks into quarantine I found myself late one night realizing that I didn’t want that. I don’t want to return back to our old normal. I want to make a new normal, where we appreciate things in our everyday lives more, take time to enjoy the community that we are in, love more, but the most important thing that I want is to remember our blessings. The blessing of life, community, school, jobs, friends, family, camp, and a whole lot more! I want us as a society to come out of this pandemic stronger and on top. I want us to take this very difficult time and turn it into a very valuable lesson, that is to count your blessings, some may be in disguise, but they are there and if we don’t defy them we can be the best and happiest versions of ourselves.

I cannot wait to be back at school and around all my friends, go shopping, and so much more! Not only has this pandemic let me learn more about myself but it has made me a better person by teaching me to not take things we believe are guaranteed in life for granted! Thank you so much to all my teachers who gave me an amazing year and my friends who made it all possible to stay and have fun.