So many moments taken in the blink of the eye. I think all high school seniors are trying to make the best of what we have been dealt with. All of those things I had thought of for so long were taken to soon.

I never thought that when I left the school parking lot on March 13, it would be my last time. I never would have dreamed that my FFA banquet would be the last time I would wear my jacket as a high schooler.

I had always dreamed of going out with a bang with FFA competitions. I had my whole spring lined up with contest after contest, studying my butt off to go and win, only to hear that they had all been canceled.

All year we have collectively counted down the days till the end of school; little did we know March 13 would be our the last day together.

We ordered our cap and gowns at the beginning of the year, went through all the senior meetings, and we were all so excited for this year. We as seniors had no clue the effect that COVID-19 would have on our senior year.

It saddens me to think of all the days and countless memories we have all missed out on. No one can even begin to know how much I miss the conversations in between classes with all of my peers.

My Senior Prom, that I have waited soooo long and had the perfect dress and date for, is now postponed.

My FFA officer team had donkey basketball planned out and we were ready to take on Ripley. I was ready to go against my boyfriend, but it was sadly canceled as well.

All of these events missed or postponed, all of the memories we had missed, all of the friends that will part their ways for college, all of these things I am sadden to have missed out on.

This time off has taught me to cherish every moment because you don’t know when it is going to be your last. So for everyone praising getting to be out of school and not understanding what we seniors are going through, I encourage all of you to live up every moment of your senior year.

I am forever grateful for the friendships, the memories, the conversations, the support, and the teachers I have had over the years. Although senior year was not at all how I expected it to be; I guess we truly learned to live by the motto we were taught when they started building the new school onto ours: “adapt, overcome, and improvise.”

The Ravenswood Class of 2020 has experienced disruptions and obstacles throughout our years, but we have come out stronger. We have always been told to go with the flow, but this is so hard for us as seniors to try and adapt to.

Pray for the Class of 2020 as we all try to cope with this together as one. All we can do is hope and pray we still have the major milestones, such as graduation and prom, even if they are scheduled for a later date.

I love my Class of 2020 and I will forever hold dearly the memories and moments I have spent with each of you.