So how’s everyone’s corona crisis going? I have to say, I’m looking forward to everyone’s Christmas card letters this year, detailing how they spent their corona time. I can tell via your social media posts that some of y’all are rising to the occasion (thank you to everyone sewing masks like you just came off the line of a Burlington Coat Factory!), and some of y’all are weathering this with great humor that this social-distance life isn’t quite like the Pinterest articles would have you believe, lol.

As for me, it’s going pretty well. I’m classified “essential,” so continuing to go to work and have a routine is great for my morale through this whole thing. Town is a little quieter, and getting a spot in the free lot is easier than it has been. We’re using hand-sanitizer, soap, and Clorox wipes all the time, and people have been incredibly good about social-distancing and being safe. And being able to still help people, even under corona conditions, is certainly a mood-lifter.

I am learning to enjoy my mom being on what I call “Corona- tirement.” That’s where your parent is either a non-essential employee or has enough personal time that their boss is allowing them to stay home until they’re needed. My mom, the nurse practitioner, falls into the latter category, and y’all, she is living it up.

Silly me, I though she’d treat this like a normal vacation, where she did some neglected house chores and got some errands out of the way. Oh no; she is social-distancing like a champ. Eleven days at home, just her, her books, the dogs, and a comfortable pair of jammies. If they’re giving out trophies for the Baby Boomer parents who are doing what they’re told, Terri gets one in the first ceremony (and if this goes on long enough, she probably gets inducted into Social-Distancing Hall of Fame).

By helping pack the lunches the JCO schools are sending out, I got to do a little care-mongering as well. Not having children myself, my visits to elementary schools are limited to election years (quick side note: they’re looking for poll workers this year, so contact the County Clerk’s Office to sign up!), so it was nice to get to spend a little time in one, and it was really great getting to help feed our kids.

I helped foil-wrap about 300 juices and stuff a hundred paper sacks, and had I remembered my school lunch number, I would have tried to walk out with the incredible-smelling taco salad the lunch ladies were putting together. So if you see a bus driver or a lunch lady, give them a high-five from six feet away, because they really are doing an incredible service for our community (and if anyone at the board office can send me my old lunch number, I’d appreciate it for the next Taco Salad day, lol).

That’s been my Week II: Corona Crisis, and I’m hoping everyone else’s has been much of the same; having a bit of normalcy as you build a new routine while keeping safe, and also taking a little time to give back where you can. Because that’s what we’re all doing here; protecting our community from the worst of this virus by creating and adapting to a new normal. And I’m really proud of all y’all who are doing your best to make this new normal work for everyone. You may not all be documenting your every-day efforts in posts and in Christmas letters, but I promise they’ll be seen when we weather this crisis better than other places.

So keep staying safe, JCO; keep up the good hygiene, keep your distance, and keep finding ways to keep your spirits up. And no matter what age you are, take a day of “Corona- tirement,” have everyone in your house wear their jammies all day, let them do whatever they want, and get recharged. Remember, you’re running a marathon here, and for once, participation alone does deserve a trophy.