It’s the time of the season when the elves of the JCO spend a lot of time sharing posts, creating booklets for programs, making sure the word gets out about Small Business Saturday, about the different activities happening in the county, and thanking the businesses and people that make it possible. You can help make that job a little easier by doing some very small things on your business or organization social media accounts:

• One: Upload a high-quality and nicely cropped version of your business or organization logo to your social media page. Seems so simple, right? And you’re thinking to yourself, “Surely I’ve done that? Have you really looked, Ceason?” First off, stop sounding like my mother, then check your profile or cover pics: chances are good you have not. You have lovely pictures of your buildings, great shots of your merchandise, and fantastic flyers about your activities. But alas, no great shot of just your logo to be found. So make it easy on the people who are adding you as sponsors to programs and flyers and looking for your artwork: upload a great quality picture of just your logo now.

• Two: Update those addresses! Make sure that your address on your page matches where you’re at. That way people can find your store or club accurately, and you can spare yourself the, “Where are you located?” questions. Have you changed officers since you started your page? Make sure their email addresses are updated as well, or better yet, create a designated email address for your business or organization so there’s consistency no matter who is in charge (just make sure you pass that password along to the next leader).

• Three: Be taggable! Check your settings and make sure that you can be tagged in posts. It’s the best way to guarantee that that group you sponsored is sharing you on social media, or to see where your event has been shared. If you have a closed group, give some thought to having a least a public page with your basic information, so that you can be tagged, or designate an owner or officer as the official “Taggee” so someone can be tagged and you’ll know your sponsorship and advertising dollars are being spent as promised.

• Four: “Like,” “Follow,” and “Star” the groups your sponsoring, the organizations you support, or the events your attending. This is the easiest way to see your business or group spotlighted on another page, and to see what else is happening on that page. What’s the “Star” you ask? That’s how you fix your notifications so that particular page is seen first on your newsfeed. You’ll never miss a story from the Jackson Newspapers or a post from Main Street Ripley if you make them “Stars” on your notifications.

So help the organizations and people that want to highlight the great things you’re bringing to the JCO out by making sure they can access the information that’s most important to your business, and that they can make sure you know about it by doing a few easy things with your social media.