Y’all, did I tell you about my birthday? It was back in April, but I’m still thinking about it now, because it was so much fun. So I’m obsessed with the movie “Clue” (Tim Curry, late 80s, “Flames, flames on the sides of my face!”), and I love sharing that love with other people. Even though 37 is not a big number to celebrate, I wanted to treat myself. So I rented the Alpine for an evening of food, drinks, and murder-mystery comedy.

It was a blast! There’s something cool about being in a movie theatre with just your friends. You hop seats to talk to people, juggling your refreshments, then settle in for a movie picked by the host that even if you don’t love, you enjoy because of the company. Then when it’s over, you can talk about it without having to beat the traffic.

Now we at Main Street want to give our community the chance to have that experience with their friends and family! We’re selling 200 raffle tickets that’ll give you the chance to make the Alpine Theatre “All Yours!” Any movie you want, on any open date, with anyone you want to invite, be it 10 or 100 (our theatre seats 114). Bring your own snacks and libations, tell us the movie you want show, and we’ll get you set up for a night that’s all yours at the Alpine.

The money for this raffle will go to benefit Main Street Ripley and the Alpine Theatre. We’re currently in the process of acquiring an upgraded projector that’ll make movie watching even better, in addition to some structural improvements we need to make to help keep the Alpine going another 90 years.

Thanks to grants from the Community Foundation and the County Commission, we were able to partially fund a new roof for the Alpine that should keep us dry for another thirty years and this raffle will help cover the labor costs of that endeavor as well.

We are only selling 200 tickets at $10 each, so once we’ve sold them all, we’ll pull a ticket and notify the winner. The winner may then book their date within six months of the drawing, and we’ll start the process of getting their preferred movie. We do have some restrictions on viewing material (keep it classy, Jackson County), but other than that, bring your preferred food and drinks and share a night in a theatre where everyone sharing it is someone you want there (so you’ll need to be the one to tell them to turn off their cell phone!)

Tickets are available from any Main Street board member, at the Main Street office, and at the Alpine Free Family movie nights. You can also reserve your tickets by contacting us on the Main Street Facebook page.

So help us get to 200 tickets sold, and give yourself as many chances as possible so you can make the Alpine “All Yours”!