David “Scott” Wilson, 51 was born November 5, 1966 and passed away on January 29, 2018 at Shady Grove Hospital in Maryland due to pulmonary complications. Scott was a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, and a dedicated friend. 

Scott’s life is a difficult summation to gather because it was a life well lived, a life experienced with grand adventures, and a life peppered with struggles and obstacles that never seemed to ease. It was not, though, a life of regret. 

The middle child and tenacious son of Nancy Parsons Wilson and David Sumner “Smokey” Wilson, started his first chapter of life in Ravenswood, West Virginia along the mighty Ohio River.  There wasn’t a bat, a ball, a racket, or a golf club that he didn’t quickly master.  His athletic prowess and natural leadership parlayed seamlessly into Student Government President to President of his church youth group at the First United Methodist Church.  But what captured most people when they met Scott, especially those in need, was his willingness to give of his time and his laid back corny sense of humor. From digging snow out of the driveways of church elders  to assisting his grandparents and mother in many manual tasks, Scott always was always happily available and loved being needed for these tasks.  Scott was a man of service to others.

Scott excelled as a student at Ravenswood High School in Jackson County, WV. From Golden Horseshoe winner to valedictorian, the horizon was at his disposal.  Being Mountaineer dedicated and proud, Scott chose West Virginia Wesleyan for his college studies. He graduated top of his class in 1989. 

From a young age, Scott was a patriot and came from a long lineage of soldiers harking back to the Revolutionary War.  Being service minded and being a proud American patriot, Scott enlisted in the United States Army after graduating college at West Virginia Wesleyan.  Scott excelled in military intelligence and was based at Ft. Huachuca. There he began the fighter pilot training program. After a test flight incident, Scott’s injury recovery seemed to be an endless uphill battle. Never one to be deterred, Scott soon returned to academics and was the top of his ’93 class in the graduate program of Safety & Environmental Management at West Virginia University.  Because he sorely missed the military life and the life of serving and protecting our country, he chose as his career to work at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and then retiring in his career at the US Bluegrass Army Depot, Kentucky in the Chemical Materials Agency.  As a civilian with his work, he spent time in the Middle East as support staff for the soldiers and our military.  

Anywhere Scott ventured off to, there was never a stranger in his proximity. He was the “mayor of everywhere”.  He wanted to know everyone’s story and he wanted everyone to know his story.  This is or used to be the West Virginia way….the friendly type, the welcoming type, the “come have a sit and a hot dog” type…he perfected this West Virginia way.  Scott’s sunshine personality had a plethora of trivia information stored into his head. He was our family tree expert extraordinaire. Every family has one. Scott was it. Our historian, our memory keeper, our story protector. 

Along the way and into his next chapter in life which was far after college and the military- Scott fell madly in love with his wife Meighan (Myers) Wilson and they soon made a family in Frederick,MD that resulted in his smart, beautiful, considerate and thoughtful daughter Maddie Wilson. After living in Eldersburg, Maryland and working at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the family re-located to Lexington/Berea, Kentucky area for his work at Bluegrass Army Depot. The family expanded while living in Kentucky and happily welcomed a handsome, kind, and quite intelligent son- Eli Wilson. His children both shared his love of NASCAR, adventure walks, and the outdoors. 

Scott was never one to turn down an adventure. He was never one to discriminate. He was a helping hand and believed in the spirit of American democracy. Scott was goofy, silly, and a magnet of laughter to be around. He was passionate, serious, and a very sensitive person regarding humanity. He was West Virginia proud and quite defensive of his home state. 

Scott was my big brother. As sibling traditions go, we were competitive yet loving. I thought a parent obituary was hard but come to find out, burying a brother with words and facts may be a smidge harder. Scott loved hot dogs, sports, fast cars, nature hikes, war movies, the Steelers, Harry Chapin and a super odd and varied collection of music. He made me his vicarious little brother athletically and became my champion substitute father at every sporting event he could attend and even walked me down the aisle. Scott bragged proudly on his children and loved them dearly. He boasted of his wife’s patience and lovingness whenever we spoke. Scott was an entanglement of kindness, helpfulness, competitiveness, sadness, pensiveness, leadership and happiness all rolled up in one. 

“We do the best with what we are given- so don’t waste it” was a quote he always repeated to me. Scott was always there with either too much to say or smart enough to just sit there and listen. To know the difference made him an overall well rounded and very intelligent human who left us too soon. 

Scott is survived by his wife Meighan Myers Wilson, their daughter Maddie Wilson and their son Eli Wilson. He is also survived by his sister Deb Jaeger (Hank),  sister Stacy Wilson DeSalvo (Tom). He is also survived by many cousins, nieces, nephews, and dear friends.  

A memorial service of the Celebration of Scott Wilson’s life is being planned and will be held in the spring of 2018 in Ravenswood, WV. 

In lieu of flowers- a donation can be made in Scott’s name to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The family humbly asks that if you are willing to share any memories, stories, photos or thoughts of Scott Wilson, please send them to the following dedicated email address.  It will be a great memory keeper for Maddie and Eli Wilson and the rest of the family. The email and Facebook page will remain active indefinitely.  

EMAIL: scottwilsonmemor

iesWV2018@outlook.com FACEBOOK: Stacy Wilson (with a photo of Scott)