Due to COVID 19, we sadly announce the cancellation of this year's Liberty Lions Club Harvest Festival. We will not be making any sorghum, or have any concessions, however, we do have Apple Butter for sale. If you are interested in purchasing Apple Butter please call a member and make arrangements for pick up. You may call our president John Wharton at 304-988-0015; treasurer Anthony Cochran at 304-988-2302; Dorsel Cochran at 304-988-0855; Dottie/Lanny Fisher at 304-372-2725; or Bob Casto in the Eleanor area at 304-586-9492.

Also, on our normal festival dates of Oct. 2 and 3, we will be on the grounds to sell Apple Butter from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. If the weather cooperates we will have a drive-thru set up that you will not have to leave your vehicle. Liberty Lions Club is located along Route 34, 3 miles off Route 21 in Kenna.