Star Plastics, Inc, headquartered in WV USA, together with partner site Star Advance Materials (Shandong) Co Ltd. in China, receives certification through UL Environmental (ULE) to produce post-consumer recycled (PCR) products under the ULE requirements.

The ULE certification for Star Plastics’ products manufactured at the Shandong location validates PCR supply streams through various site audits and documentation of material movement from source to compounding. This certifies that the PCR content used to compound the product line is certified recycled material, sourced from known origins.

ULE certified over 25 grades of Star Plastics’ ABS, PCABS, and PC compounded products, which all contain a range of five percent to 85 percent recycled plastic. The recycled-content percentages of these materials are comprised of varying combinations of Post-Consumer recycled content, Internet Technology Equipment (ITE) recycled material, and/or Ocean Bound Plastics (OBP).

According to leadership at Star Plastics, a long-term customer partnership drove this investment to have a third-party validation of the sustainable materials. “OEMs want that validation, that the sustainability claims they’re making to their customers through using our material are true. This gives them credibility in the market, gaining their customers’ trust,” Asia Chief Representative for Star Plastics Michael Watson said.

Through partners in China, Star has been a self-declared post-consumer material compounder since 2008, developing products with customers to satisfy their environmental initiatives in the electronics and personal computer markets. These products have been developed using ocean-bound and other post-consumer recycled content materials in collaboration with major OEMs, and Star leaders are excited to have their hard work validated by an external party.

“We’ve developed these products to get them where they are today, and we’re proud to have an external group endorse our work. This demonstrates our integrity in what we’ve been doing all these years,” Watson added.

With the rise in demand for recycled-content materials such as post-consumer and ocean-bound plastics (OBP), there was a market need invalidation of these materials. As a regulatory compliance company, UL stepped in to validate the work. UL Environmental aims to support suppliers who are putting in time and energy working with PCR and OBP to combat against those with false claims of recycled content. The certification, UL 2809, measures and validates pre-consumer and/or post-consumer defined source material content.

“As one of only a handful of companies with this UL Environmental certification, we’re excited to be in the forefront of offering outside verification for our sustainable, recycled-content products,” Star Plastics President and CEO Doug Ritchie said.

This ULE-certified Star product line is currently utilized in electronic applications such as laptops, printers, and data trays. However, these PCR-validated materials would be well-suited for any application that uses ABS, PCABS, and PC polymers for any OEM with sustainability initiatives.

“This is a great opportunity for companies who are developing their environmental initiatives to make their supply chain more sustainable with a Star –a trusted recycled-content material supplier,” Watson finished.

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