Jamie Crum, an employee of Advanced Auto Parts in Ravenswood, joined with two of her friends from VFW Post 9926 Auxiliary of Mason County to raise money for the Potomac Highlands Wounded Warrior Outreach.

The PHWWO is an all-volunteer organization in West Virginia that provides support and special events, free of charge, to wounded warriors. Events include deer, bear, and turkey hunting opportunities; trout and fly fishing events; specialty gatherings; and outreach missions throughout the year.

Their mission is to support and provide opportunities to the Nations’ wounded veterans in order to help their healing process while welcoming them home and repaying a debt of gratitude for the great sacrifices they have made.

Each year, fundraisers are held to raise money for the organization. One major fundraiser includes volunteers who are willing to shave their heads for a good cause.

“At the state convention last year, myself and a couple of my friends from the VFW Auxiliary decided we would volunteer to shave our heads,” Crum said. “Jeanette Radford said she would shave hers if we raised $1,500. Kathy Edwards said she would too if $5,000 was raised. I was a little hesitant to shave mine so I said I would do it if we raised $7,500.”

For the past year, the ladies have worked hard collecting donations from companies and organizations. They had a Valentine’s Day dinner to raise money as well.

“We opened our kitchen over at the Post every Wednesday evening,” Crum said. “All of the profits went toward our goals.”

In a year’s time, the ladies were able to raise a total of $11,000.

Having exceeded all of their goals, the ladies met up on Sunday, June 14 to fulfill their promise of shaving their heads.

“I was the most hesitant,” Crum said. “But, people kept telling me they couldn’t wait to see me.”

Crum said that raising money for veterans is something near and dear to all three ladies’ hearts; since each one is married to a veteran of the Vietnam era.

For more information, or to donate to the Potomac Highlands Wounded Warrior Outreach, visit their website at phwwo.com.