Ravenswood City Council candidate Brandon Shinn was arrested on Thursday, May 14, at his residence located at 113 Henry Street in Ravenswood.

According to the first of two criminal complaints filed, a victim reported to the Ravenswood Police Department that she had received a disturbing message from Shinn via social media. The complaint states the victim then responded to Shinn's comment requesting he have no further contact with her; however, Shinn sent a follow-up message to the victim that she felt to be threatening in nature.

Charges were then filed on Shinn for harassment via electronic device and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

“This is a case where someone feared for their safety and the safety of their family,” Ravenswood Chief of Police Lance Morrison said. “After being asked to stop contacting the victim, the defendant continued and was arrested.”

The second criminal complaint states that Patrolman Bush and Patrolman Abel with the Ravenswood Police Department along with Corporal Fannin of the West Virginia State Police went to Shinn's residence in order to present him with a misdemeanor arrest warrant for harassment via electronic device.

According to the complaint, while Bush knocked on the front door of Shinn's home, officers Abel and Fannin went around towards the back of the residence. While awaiting a response from the knock, Bush heard the officers yelling commands from the back of the home.

As Bush approached the back of the residence he observed Shinn struggling with Abel and Fannin. The complaint indicates Shinn was trying to get back inside of his home.

In an attempt to gain control, officers escorted Shinn to the ground. Once the officers were able to place Shinn in handcuffs, he was then escorted to a police vehicle.

The complaint indicates Shinn continued to actively resist arrest and verbally abuse his arresting officers.

Shinn was transported to the Ravenswood Police Department for processing. Once processed, Shinn was then transported to South Central Regional Jail on the original charge of harassment via electronic device, as well as an additional charge of obstructing an officer.