A section of the old Ravenswood Middle School was recently demolished to make way for extra school and event parking.

Jackson County Board of Education Superintendent Blaine Hess said the section that was demolished was originally intended to be a “temporary” structure until the new combination middle and high school complex was completed.

“The structure that we are tearing down was built in 1968,” Hess said. “It was a 50-year temporary structure that served us very well.”

According to Hess, the plan is to turn the area into a parking lot that the BOE hopes to be completed during the summer months. A side entry into the remaining section of the old middle school building from the new parking lot, will be added.

“We’ve lost some parking over at the high school, middle school complex when we built the new school,” Hess said. “We wanted to add some parking for football, basketball, and so forth.”

A ticket booth will be built towards the far end of the parking lot near Flinn Field. The BOE hopes to have this project completed and ready for use by the time football season begins in the fall.

Other plans are in the “dream stages” regarding the remaining section of the old middle school building, according to Hess. Some potential uses being researched by the BOE include:

• School based medical facility

• Career technical skills programs (plumbing, electrical, etc.)

• Satellite campus for the Roane-Jackson Technical Center

These are just a few of the possible ideas the BOE is considering for the space.

Hess said they will be talking to students over the next several months to see if they would be interested in these types of courses. According to Hess, these are not things that you just do, he feels there must be interest in order to be successful.

“Going back to the skilled trades, that’s an area that our country and our state desperately need,” Hess said. “It’s not often you have extra space in the school system, it’s an exciting time.”