Editor’s note: This article is based on approved minutes of the April 15 meeting and proposed minutes of the April 22 meetings of the Jackson County Commission.

On April 15 and April 20, the Jackson County Commission met via phone to conduct business. The following actions were taken by Commissioners Dick Waybright, Mike Randolph, and Mitch Morrison:

April 15

• Authorization was given to Waybright to execute an IP Grant Oversight Risk Assessment form for the FAA

• Authorization was given to Waybright to apply, accept or sign any necessary documents to secure FAA covered grants

April 22

• Approved budget revision number four to the general fund

• Created a COVID-19 fund (note: these funds, commonly known as “heroes pay” were allocated to each County Commission)

• Accepted $46,655.05 appropriated to EMS from the CARES Act Relief Fund

• Reallocated $600 in county clean up money to the Solid Waste Authority as an additional allocation

• Cancelled the regularly scheduled commission meetings for April 29 and May 6

The next meeting of the commission will be at 9:30 a.m. on May 13 with the procedure to be announced.