Ripley Elementary School Music teacher Ann Johnson has taken to Facebook and YouTube to continue teaching her kindergarten through fifth grade students during this time of social distancing.

While singing, dancing, and using anything she can find as a chalkboard, Johnson teaches her students the ins-and-outs of music through online videos.

Having been a teacher for almost 30 years, Johnson said it is important for children to learn how to express their inner feelings.

“Today’s world is all about how much you know, who can recall the most facts, and doing well on tests,” she said. “To learn about music and then apply it to your everyday life gives each person the ability to access their inner feelings. What is hidden away for fear of rejection or not being good enough in others eyes, all of a sudden is able to surface and take wings.”

According to Johnson, it makes her happy to be able to bring fun and enjoyment to her Music class, along with her normal “hyperactivity.”

“After watching Ann this week in her Music class, Carson has decided she wants to dance just like her,” Emily Haynes said of her young daughter. “Thank you so much for sending your lesson to us every week. Carson can’t wait til next week!”

Johnson said she loves for her students to watch and learn, not only about music so they can sing and dance, or play music, but to see the bright side of life.

“If you think sunshine makes you happy, you have never danced in the rain,” she added.

It’s that positivity and uplifting spirit that have captured, not only her students, but others in the online world.

“They (students) love them,” Johnson said. “They keep sharing them, and I even had a lady in Florida message me on Facebook and thank me for her Music classes.”

Johnson admits she misses seeing the little faces of each of her students as they would run into her classroom and ask what they would be learning on that specific day. She said she thanks God for providing her with her job in Jackson County, and feels it is a great place to work.

“We all need to support Ann Johnson as she is helping her kids get through this time without school,” Vikki Webb-Wood said. “She is doing her best (as that’s all she knows how to do) at still teaching her students music.”

“Anyone who has kids; they will love it,” Haynes added.

“With the COVID-19 situation now, I want anyone who watches my Music class to be happy,” Johnson said. “There is nothing more rewarding to one’s soul than to find your inner music and release your feelings to the world.”

Johnson’s videos can be found on her Facebook page under Ann Johnson or on YouTube as RES MUSIC.