The Jackson County Health Department reported the first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Jackson County on Friday, March 20.

Health Officer I. John Snyder, D.O. stated “the Health Department staff have been working with community partners for the last several weeks, and more so years to prepare for this type of an outbreak. All first responders and medical providers are working with health department staff to ensure proper protocols are followed and the residents of our community stay as safe as possible.”

The Health Department stated on Friday evening the patient has complied with all quarantine requests and is feeling much better.

Jackson County Health Department would like to remind county residents that social distancing is key to solving this type of outbreak. Remaining at least six feet away from other people is recommended by the Center for Disease Control, as is social isolation meaning one is only going out to get necessities and then returning right back home.

Hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and hot water; covering your cough and sneeze and getting plenty of rest is imperative. Staying home if you have the slightest symptom will also help prevent continued spread of this virus as well as the common cold.

As of Friday evening, the West Virginia State Public Health Laboratory had 330 negative cases, eight positive cases, and two pending. The number of pending labs does not include any tests sent to private laboratories, only the state public health lab.

For more information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) individuals may call the state COVID-19 hotline, 1-800-887-4304. Anyone with symptoms should call their local provider if they believe they need to be seen and cannot stay home safely. For the safety of the patient and the medical staff, it is important you call ahead prior to leaving your home and heading to your doctor’s office or the hospital.

Residents may also visit the Centers for Disease Control website (, WV DHHR website ( or the World Health Organization (WHO). For local updates you may visit “Jackson County Health Department – Moovin’ and Groovin’ to Change Lives” Facebook page or you may call the Jackson County Health Department at 304-372-2634.