GFWC Ravenswood Civic Club is sponsoring a Town Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 5, at the Earl Wolfe Volunteer Fire Department. This meeting is on Census 2020, and a program will be presented by Ted Rector, Partnership Specialist for the Census Bureau Department of Commerce, to help people better understand the importance of each person being counted this year.

The Census is taken every ten years and helps with determination of how many representatives each state has in Congress, amount of Federal Funding that is provided to each state for infrastructure, education, economic development, and many other areas of government.

Rector is the Jackson County official for making sure this count is accurate as to the number of people living in Jackson County. It is his responsibility to ensure that each individual in every household is counted this year.

A question and answer time will be provided, following the presentation.

The GFWC Ravenswood Civic Club members are inviting each and every citizen to attend this meeting and get the information needed to be counted properly.