In a previous meeting of the Jackson County Commission, 911 Director Montana Boggess reported that a new software system had been installed at the center.

The RapidSOS system in Boggess’s description would give immediate, exact location information of the emergency call or text made to 911. She said that the location could also be pulled from Bluetooth, WIFI, or apps on a person’s phone. The assistance this would give to responders would be invaluable, according to Boggess.

At the Feb. 19 meeting, the 911 director was able to tell Commissioners Dick Waybright, Mitch Morrison, and Mike Randolph that the RapidSOS system has proved as invaluable as she had said.

“We received a 911 call from a lady who was having great difficulty breathing,” Boggess said. “She was unable to give an address due to the distress she was in. RapidSOS was able to give us her exact location. It allowed us to offer her the assistance that she needed.”

Boggess said that prior to adding this software, the cell phone company would have had to be contacted, which would greatly hamper reaching the person in time.

The Sandyville tower got some attention from the 911 center as well. The EMS repeater, which gets radio transmission in and out, had to be repaired. Lease work is also moving forward with ATT and T-Mobile to provide both cell and internet service to the area. The broadband project is partially provided by a Community Block Grant being administered by the Mid-Ohio Valley Council.

In public comment, EMS employee Michael Morrison questioned why his termination was an agenda item. He said he was unaware that he was under consideration for termination. The commission’s counsel, Eric Holmes, explained that he was an “at will employee” but that he could request an executive session to address his termination. Morrison did not make that request immediately but did later in the meeting. At the end of three-minute closed door session, the commission acknowledged Morrison’s termination.

In other business, commissioners:

• The Kenna tower’s box that recognizes when power is lost and turns on the generator had to be replaced.

• All pertinent 911 employees earned their APCO certification.

• Dianna Satiago is Paramedic of the Month.

• Kathy Mattea is set to perform at the Jackson County Junior Fair in July.

• Council approved the list of poll workers for the May primary election as presented by the Democrat and Republican Executive Committees.

• The Day Report Center Agreement by and between Wood County and Jackson County for FY 19-20 in the amount of $1666.67 per month for the Jackson County Day Report Center was approved.

• Sheriff Tony Boggs reported on the extraordinary efforts by his deputies and others to rescue a coon dog that had gotten trapped in a crevice.

• After an additional closed-door executive session for the purpose of 911 personnel, the commission adjourned with no action taken.

The next regular meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 26 at the Jackson County Courthouse.