Jackson County is preparing for the upcoming primary election on May 12.

County Commissioners Dick Waybright, Mitch Morrison, and Mike Randolph heard from both Information Technology (IT) Manager Greg Thomas and County Clerk Cheryl Bright regarding updates and possible changes.

Thomas said he attended election training in Putnam County with Bright.

“The first day was focused on the voting equipment,” he said. “The second day one of our other people attended the training on tabulation and reporting. It seems like it might be faster even though it’s similar. But, of course, the main issue will always be getting the results back from the precincts.”

A request to change the location of two precincts was made by Bright.

“Due to the fact that the former Ravenswood Middle School cafeteria is being demolished,” Bright said, “we’ve got to move two of our precincts.”

The move would involve Precincts 4 and 8.

“After checking for various factors, including enough electrical outlets, we’re decided that the new Ravenswood Middle School could house Precinct 4,” Bright said. “Precinct 8 could be easily accommodated in the Ravenswood City Building where there is a large lobby area.”

Bright explained that there will be a public notice in the newspaper for two weeks. The item will be placed on a future commission agenda for public comment. Once voted on, all those affected will be notified by mail.

“We know change is hard,” Bright said. “But in this case, we really had no option but to move.”

It was noted by the county clerk that Ripley and Ravenswood High Schools had 100 percent voter registration of eligible high school students. Both schools will be presented with the prestigious Jennings Randolph Award. The award was named for the late United States Senator Jennings Randolph who authored the bill that would eventually lower the voting age from 21 to 18.

In other business:

• The Commission learned the equipment has been added to the Sandyville Tower, a step in providing cell and internet access to the area.

• No date has been set for the courthouse telephone upgrade by Frontier.

• The request to cover $475 estimate for water line replacement at the Kenna Greene Center was approved by the Commission.

• Approval was granted for President Dick Waybright to sign the Sandyville Broadband Project contract.

The Commission went into closed door executive session for financial purposes. At the end of the 19-minute session, no action was taken. The commission then adjourned the regular meeting and recessed the Board of Equalization until 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 10.

The next regular meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Jackson County courthouse.