Congressman Alex X. Mooney (WV-02) announced a $392,000 federal grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant program for the City of Ripley to correct a water system failure.

“My office has worked with Mayor Rader and the USDA to help secure this federal investment for their city,” Congressman Mooney said. “Having access to potable water is a human necessity and I will continue to work with the Mayor to provide faultless access.”

About the award:

This Rural Development investment will be used to correct a water system failure in the Mill Creek area. The initial Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant closed on November 5, 2019, and when construction commenced in the weeks following, it became apparent the assumed cause of failure was only a small portion of the overall problem. The original proposed project has already constructed a cofferdam 40 feet upstream of the low head dam and dewatered the section of Mill Creek. This revealed that the problem was created due to the dam not being originally tied into competent bedrock for the foundation. Over the years, the force of water had eroded away the foundation leaving supporting wood boards exposed to the creek’s elements. After excavation, it was determined that the original repair was not going to work to correct the catastrophic failure. In order to properly resolve the problem, the City of Ripley has proposed the construction of a new low head dam in Mill Creek. This will allow the water to pool high enough in elevation for the water intake screen to operate and fill the raw water wet well.