Public hearings will be held on two important topics at the Ravenswood City Council meeting tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 4.
The first topic of discussion will be regarding amending the City Charter/Ordinance to change terms of the elected municipal officials from a two-year to a four-year term, a topic that was addressed just four years ago.
A two-year term not being long enough to see a large project to fruition was one concern noted. Another was attempting to work with a budget that was set by a previous group of officials.
A member of the public did state she felt that a four-year term would not be a good idea and asked the Council to reconsider the amendment recommendation.
Additional concerns and suggestions will be heard and addressed during the public hearing.
The second topic of discussion will be regarding a lease agreement between the City of Ravenswood and Mountaineer Integrated Care for the use of 212 Walnut Street, the former City Hall building.
Mountaineer Integrated Care believes in advancing health and wellness through targeted medical cannabis therapies. They are a part of Keystone Integrated Care, a medical marijuana dispensary out of Pennsylvania.
Currently seeking their permits through the Department of Health and Human Services, Mountaineer Integrated Care encourages residents to attend the public hearing where they will provide a question and answer session in order to make the public fully aware of who they are and what they hope to offer.
The Ravenswood City Council meeting will take place at 7 p.m. this evening on the third floor of the new City Hall at 1 Wall Street in Ravenswood.