Scholarship applications for the year 2020 are now available. The Jackson County Community Foundation holds many funds providing scholarships for graduating and college students in Jackson County. Through the years, these funds have been created by those in our community who desire to help our young people as they endeavor to continue their education after completing high school. Each fund holder establishes the criteria for the recipients of their scholarship, and those submitting applications should consider the specific criteria in their essay. A description of each scholarship and its criteria is included on the application.

Scholarship applications are available through the counselors at both Ripley and Ravenswood High Schools. They may also be downloaded from the scholarship link on the Jackson County Community Foundation website<>. Please note that there will be no online registration. The applications are to be printed, filled out and returned according to the instructions, by March 16th, 2020. Each application will be carefully evaluated and the recipients of scholarships will be announced at the formal awards ceremonies at Ripley and Ravenswood High schools or by mail.

If you have any questions concerning the Jackson County Community Foundation scholarships, please contact Jennifer Pitts at 304-372-4500.