Royalty All Stars is a U. S. All Star Federation cheer program based at Evolve Tumble & Fitness in Ripley. It is in its second year. Coaches are Jennyerin Steele-Staats, Nicci Cobb, and Kati Skeen. The Gym is owned and operated by Nick and Kati Skeen.

The group consists of three teams, Majesty, Prodigy, and Legacy. Each team recently competed at the Ultimate Cheer Experience Beach Ball Blast in Dayton, Ohio, on Jan. 18. All three teams placed in the top three in their divisions earning them a bid to THE ONE, a unique, end-of-season event offered to Cheer and Dance Teams.

Majesty placed first in level two earning them a Gold Bid to THE ONE.

Prodigy earned a second place in level one, which entitles them to a Silver Bid to THE ONE.

Legacy placed third in level three granting them a Bronze Bid to THE ONE.

According to, bids to THE ONE are not handed out to thousands of teams. Teams have to be among the best in their division at participating bid events to qualify for THE ONE. This exclusivity makes being crowned THE ONE a true reward for their season-long team work, dedication, and victory.