A Jackson County Bureau of Investigations operation was recently conducted on a home located at 570 Greenhills Road in Sandyville. Members of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department along with both the Ripley and Ravenswood Police Departments, obtained a search warrant to search the home of Robert “Robbie” Wolfe. Wolfe was suspected of possible drug activity, according to the complaint filed at the Jackson County Courthouse.

During the search of Wolfe’s home, the complaint states deputies located items they knew to be associated with the distribution of illegal substances. Items included a distributional amount of what was believed to be methamphetamine, numerous sets of digital scales, drug paraphernalia, and numerous firearms. According to the complaint, a check on one of the firearms located in the home revealed that it had been reported stolen in August of 2016.

Also located in the home was a large PVC style pipe with a closed end-cap. The complaint states that further investigation of the pipe revealed it to contain two electric blasting caps along with three non-mixed two-part commercial explosives.

According to the complaint, Deputy S. C. Fisher spoke with Wolfe who waived his Miranda Rights. Wolfe told Fisher he had received the explosives in the trunk of a vehicle that was delivered to him. Wolfe also indicated to Fisher that he thought the vehicle to have been stolen.

Deputy J. B. Thompson was able to confirm through the Jackson County 911 Center that the vehicle located on Wolfe’s property had been reported stolen in August of 2019.

The complaint states that Wolfe was then transported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for further questioning where he was again read his Miranda Rights and signed a waiver of those rights, agreeing to speak with Deputy Fisher and Deputy Casto.

Wolfe advised the deputies that he has been addicted to methamphetamine for over 20 years and he continues to sell it to support his own habit, according to the complaint. Wolfe also informed the deputies that he would often accept items of value in trade for methamphetamine. The complaint states that he was aware that the items may have been stolen.

“It’s not uncommon when working a drug case to find stolen property,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Ross Mellinger said. “The bomb was obviously more than we bargained for. We’ve done some bomb and explosive cases in the past, but this was more of a commercial grade, something you see in mining operations, capable of leveling an entire mountain top.”

Mellinger said at this time, Wolfe has only been charged with possession with intent to deliver (methamphetamine). Once the full investigation is completed, other charges could be added.

Wolfe is currently residing at the South Central Regional Jail with bail set at $50,000.