The Jackson County Animal Shelter is the current home of Fisher, a two-year-old male, black labrador mix that was recently shot after biting a small child.

On Dec. 21, Jackson County Humane Officer Teresa Hager was contacted and asked to accompany Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Seth Fisher to Hudson Place apartments regarding a dog that had been found. Upon arriving at the scene, Deputy Fisher and Hager were led to the dog’s location where he was chained to a fence. The complaint states the dog appeared semi-conscious, but breathing normally.

Hager rushed the animal to an emergency veterinarian clinic in Parkersburg while Deputy Fisher conducted his investigation at the scene.

After following a trail of blood to an apartment in the complex, Deputy Fisher was able to speak with Cody Deel, who he confirmed to be the owner of the dog. According to the complaint, Deel said he shot the dog because it had bitten a child. Thinking that he had killed the dog, Deel said he planned to go back later and bury the dog, after he took the child to the hospital.

The emergency veterinarian clinic was able to confirm that Fisher, renamed after his rescuer Deputy Fisher, had in fact been shot with a 20-gauge shotgun.

“He had a hole through his cheek,” Hager said. “The shell went in and ricocheted off his tooth, busted it, and then all of the buckshot went into the bottom of his jaw. He even had buckshot in his intestines from where he swallowed it.”

Hager said the wound was extremely infected and needed cleaned.

“They cleaned the wound really good and gave him a shot of antibiotics and some pain medicine,” Hager said. “He was so bad they had to give him five bags of fluids.”

After spending several days in the clinic, Hager said Fisher was brought to the shelter and is recovering nicely. She contributes the cold temperatures with helping him survive.

“He looks terrible, but his tail is still wagging,” Hager said. “He’s going to be fine.”

A Facebook fundraiser was held to assist with Fisher’s medical bills totaling over $1,000.

“Within an hour we had the money and beyond that,” Hager said. “We received over $1,700, enough money to have him neutered, have the tooth pulled, and any other surgery he may need.”

Hager said Fisher has not attempted to bite anyone while at the shelter.

With the investigation into Fisher’s case still underway and his fate yet to be determined, Hager is confident they will be able to rehabilitate Fisher and eventually place him into a loving home without children.