Appalachian Power is starting the Ravenswood Area Improvement Project in January 2020. This is a $60 million dollar investment that includes rebuilding approximately 30 miles of 69-kilvolt transmission line and upgrading associated facilities, according to Mark Whitley of the Jackson County Development Authority.

Whitley said the project will replace existing 70 plus-year-old structures and will reduce the likelihood of extended outages to customers, and decrease restoration times when outages do occur.

“This is a very important project for residents and businesses in the Jackson County, especially at the Maritime and Industrial Park and Constellium plant,” Whitley said.

AEP will also extend 3-Phase power to areas in Ravenswood and Millwood areas making it more attractive for development, according to Whitley.

“Appalachian Power’s priority is providing our customers with reliable service at an affordable price,” Appalachian Power spokesperson Phil Moye said.

“The work AEP’s doing in Jackson County will reinforce their transmission system while preparing the power grid to help support the growth that Jackson County is experiencing, and for future growth that’s projected,” Whitley added.

Whitley said most of the rebuild sections near Ripley and Ravenswood will be built in or adjacent to the existing right-of-way.

The project should be completed by 2022 and involve over 200 construction workers.