The US Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis recent Gross Domestic Product Data has just been released for 2018, and Jackson County, West Virginia, led the nation among small counties with an 86.5 percent increase over previous years.

Mark Whitley of the Jackson County Development Authority said this is partly due to the Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline Project, but it also is due to the increase in productivity of Constellium, Armstrong World Products, KS of West Virginia, Star/SDR Plastics, Valtronics, and Niche Polymer’s domestic and international sales.

Small business development continues to be the backbone of our economy according to Whitley.

“We work hard with our partners in economic development including the West Virginia Development Office and the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council to develop and assist small business” Whitley said.

Based upon recent information from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, Jackson County has had additional business startups of over 10 percent in 2019 over 2018. Whitley said he was looking forward to the US Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis 2019 Domestic Product Data.

“I believe we are heading into an exciting time for Jackson County and the Mid-Ohio Valley region,” Whitley said.