Dylan Winter is a Life scout with Troop 43 in Ravenswood. His Eagle project is to provide blankets to PICU and pediatric units at local hospitals. He chose this project because he has had both a niece and nephew that were patients in the intensive care units of hospitals in West Virginia.

When his niece, Alice, was in the hospital, she received a custom made pillowcase that made her family feel special and that Alice was loved by the hospital staff.

Winter contacted area hospitals and found that there was a need to provide a comforting item to children and their families. After verifying the need, he sent out letters to friends and family to help raise the money to purchase fleece blanket kits.

With the money raised, he purchase fleece blanket kits, which he then organized several work parties to pin, cut, tie, and package the completed blankets.

Finally he met with representatives of Jackson General Hospital and Ruby Memorial Hospital to distribute over 30 blankets to those hospitals. He still plans to go to Women’s and Children’s Hospital to distribute more blankets.

Once completed, Winter will have passed out 55 blankets. Five more then his original goal of 50.

Winter would like to thank the over 50 people that helped make his project a success, either by contributing funds, helping to assemble kits, or providing advice. He found this to be a gratifying experience and hopes the blankets will bring comfort to those who receive them.