Davis Realty recently hosted their official grand opening at their location on 256 South Church Street in Ripley. Brittany Davis along with her husband Justin, who is active in the United States Air National Guard, both own and operate their realty business.

Brittany, who graduated from Ripley High School in 2006, said she got into the realty business in 2013 and worked mostly in areas outside of Jackson County.

Having grown up in Jackson County, she decided she wanted to get back to where she could focus mainly on Jackson County properties; however, she said they will cover surrounding counties as well.

“I have lived here my whole life,” Brittany said. “My family is here, I have two kids involved in stuff here, so I’m really putting my focus back here in this area.”

Brittany said she had big goals for when she turned 30-years-old.

“I wanted to get my own business and really grow my real estate career,” she said.

Brittany feels she has been blessed to be able to come this far in the real estate industry. She said it is a hard industry to make it in and there are a lot of highs and lows.

Davis Realty focuses their business mainly on farm and residential properties. Brittany feels Jackson County is full of beautiful farm land, which is another reason that keeps her focus on property in this county.

Brittany’s husband Justin works full-time in Charleston with the United States Air National Guard where he has been on active duty for 16 years. She said he enjoys helping her with the real estate business every chance he gets.

With Justin being a veteran, Brittany said she has a passion for helping other veterans with the home-buying process through VA (Veterans Administration) Loans.

“It’s an awesome program and something they very well deserve, but VA Loans are very hard to navigate,” Brittany said.

Homes must meet a certain criteria before the VA will approve the loans, according to Brittany. She said approximately 50 percent of the deals she has handled in the past year have been with the VA.

One thing Brittany said is really important to her in the real estate business, is helping her clients.

“I will go to meetings with clients and sit there and cry with them because they have to sell the house of a loved one who has passed away, or someone who has lost their job and they don’t want to give up their home, but they have to,” Brittany said. “That’s where my heart lies, in helping people.”

Brittany said her priority from day one has been her integrity.

“In all businesses, your integrity is all you have,” Brittany said. “I have made it my priority to keep an honest, hard work ethic.”

Brittany said her business has been blessed and feels it has been a “Godsend” this year.

“Our faith is strong that He has helped get us where we are,” Brittany said. “That is something that is very important to us, and I would like to give credit for that.”

Brittany received her broker’s license last year and her and Justin started Davis Realty in February 2019. They opened their current location in July and hosted their official grand opening in November. The Davises are joined by agent Maria Shamblin and office manager Joy Gumm.

For more information on Davis Realty, call 304-532-9955, visit davisrealtywv.com, or follow them on Facebook under @davisrealtywv.