Doctor Ali Morad was recently honored by the American College of Surgeons for 50 years of fellowship.

According to the ACS Fellowship, Morad’s unwavering commitment to the College and its mission has helped shape the quality and innovative care surgical patients are receiving today.

“Your influence has allowed us to develop and advocate for heath care policy that is in the best interests of your patients and your fellow surgeons,” American College of Surgeons director, Division of Member Services Patricia L. Turner said. “These contributions are significant, and a testament to what professional associations can achieve. The pathway you have helped forge is a legacy of which you should be very proud.”

“I wanted to join the college many years ago to be able to bring the newest techniques to my home in Jackson County,” Morad said. “I would have doctor’s come from places like Charleston, Parkersburg, and even Columbus, Ohio, to learn from me how to perform the new processes.”

Morad said he would do carpal tunnel surgeries and his patients would be allowed to go home the same day where most surgeons at the time would have their patients stay overnight in the hospital.

“I had a professor at the University of Chicago come to me to have carpal tunnel surgery so he could go back to work sooner.” Morad said. “When he went home, the doctor’s over there were mad because he came to West Virginia to have the surgery when they could have done it there. He told them that they did a good job there, but that Doctor Morad did better and was capable of doing it in a way that allowed him to return to work much earlier.”

To celebrate Morad’s 50 years, the ACS Fellowship has compiled photos and mementos from his initiate year that can be viewed at

To commemorate his achievements, he will be awarded with a 50-year medallion.