Ravenswood Fire Chief, Kevin McClain presented the Ravenswood City Council with a powerpoint presentation and information regarding a Fire Hydrant Replacement Program at the bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

McClain brought in equipment from the city’s fire trucks to show council members the process the firefighters use when attaching a water hose to a hydrant. In his presentation, McClain pointed out several hydrants that need some work to become better accessible to the department if ever needed.

In addition to some landscaping maintenance issues, McClain noted that the hydrants will also need to be painted according to a fire hydrant color code table.

Mayor Josh Miller agreed that the issues need to be addressed immediately and a plan was put in place to begin making they hydrants better accessible.

Additional testing will determine if any hydrants need replaced and once the testing has been completed, a plan will be put in place to begin the project.

“I’m 100 percent behind this replacement plan and cleaning them up,” Miller said. “Because it’s our citizens safety and that comes first.”

In other business:

• Taylor Randolph was recognized by the Ravenswood City Council for her dedication and service to the community and to the city of Ravenswood. Randolph holds the 2019 title of American Royal Beauties National Excellence Pre-Teen Queen and focuses her duties on the Make-a-Wish foundation. Randolph said the motto of the American Royal Beauties system is “Crowned to serve.”

• Council approved to promote Patrolman Ryan Bargerstock to rank of Corporal.

• Council approved the minutes of the prior meeting.

• Charles Rector explained his work with the census during public forum.

• A motion was made and approved to replace garage doors at the Ravenswood Fire Department location. The city voted to purchase one door while the department will purchase the other door, thus splitting the cost.

• Mayor Miller and council members reviewed the fiscal year 2020 budget and approved it for publication. Miller noted he felt very good about the current financial standing of the city and stated they will be able to do a lot of special projects with the surplus money.

• The second reading of the Ordinance regarding the City of Ravenswood Sewer Project was approved as well as the second reading of the Ordinance creating the Position of Code Enforcement Officer.

• The next Ravenswood City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 1.