Christopher J. Laverty, 44, of Mooresville, North Carolina, was recently arrested and charged with a felony count of fraudulent scheme.

Laverty’s grandmother left a will directing that funds from her estate be placed into a trust to benefit her great grandson, Laverty’s son, who is severely disabled, according to the complaint filed with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

“When my son was around a year old and we realized he was going to require full care during his lifetime, his great grandmother decided to leave her estate to him to ensure he would have the means to be taken care of,” the mother of Laverty’s son, Trina Clark said.

Following the passing of his grandmother, Laverty was appointed the executor of her estate. As directed in the will, the sale of all real estate and the addition of any proceeds from the remainder of the estate would be deposited into the trust account to be used for Laverty’s son, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, Laverty executed a Letter of Authorization to Transfer Funds from his grandmother’s estate. Over the next eight months, transactions were made to Laverty’s personal account totaling over $100,000.

On Aug. 26, 2019, Captain Herb Faber with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department received information pertaining to the possible misuse of funds regarding Laverty and the trust that had been set up for his son.

The complaint indicates Laverty denied recollection of the source of the substantial credits to his account; however, under further examination, Laverty admitted that he had transferred the money from his deceased grandmother’s holdings into his private account.

According to Clark, the only thing remaining from the estate is the home of Laverty’s grandmother, which she says can be sold and the earnings from the sale can still be used to fulfill part of her son’s great grandmother’s wishes as indicated by her will.