Anthony Boggs, a 2017 graduate of Ravenswood High School, recently served a summer internship at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Charleston.

Boggs, the 20-year-old son of Leah Chapell and Tony Boggs, was one of 3,000 students selected from around the United States to partake in the internship following a two to three month interview process.

During the internship with NMLIC, Boggs learned about financial planning, business succession, and wealth management as well as many other financial staples to assist him in his future career.

“I’ve always been a nerd for finance,” Boggs said. “It probably started when I was around 12-years-old.”

Boggs, who has a younger brother named Mychal, said he always enjoyed playing the board game Monopoly as a kid. Even though he said Mychal usually beat him, he found it fascinating and it helped spark his interest in finance.

By the end of the summer, Boggs was the highest performing intern in NMLIC’s entire Eastern and Southern regions, and the number three performing intern in the entire United States, setting a West Virginia record for highest ranking intern.

Currently a junior at West Virginia University, Boggs is majoring in Finance as well as continuing his internship with NMLIC.

“I have some pretty early mornings where I get up and drive to Charleston at 5 a.m. then return for classes, Boggs said. “Most of the work I get to continue doing with NMLIC can be done over the phone or on the computer, thankfully.”

Boggs said his work consists of everything their regular employees do, and he has even been sent to places such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will soon be going to Nashville, Tennessee.

With hopes of one day opening his own Wealth Management company, possibly prior to college graduation, Boggs feels the internship and experience he has received from it has helped him build on his future career.