Drag marks from a stolen trailer recently resulted in one man’s arrest for grand larceny and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Christopher Tyler Slater, 18, 10355 Derricks Creek Rd., Sissonville, was charged with grand larceny and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Around 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 5, Corporal B.A. Chandler of the West Virginia State Police received a call on his personal cellular phone from the victim of a grand larceny of a camper trailer. Chandler had prior knowledge of the incident, which had been reported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

The victim stated that Chris Slater and another individual had taken the trailer. The victim said Slater borrowed his grandfather’s truck the evening of June 29 to help his brother-in-law build a porch on a residence on Fisher Ridge in Jackson County.

According to Chandler’s complaint, the two perpetrators intended to live in the trailer while home repairs were taking place.

On June 30, between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., Chandler and the other individual allegedly drove the truck to 9128 Sissonville Drive, just inside Jackson County, where the trailer was parked at the victim’s lumber yard. According to Chandler’s complaint, they hooked up the trailer, but did not raise the leveling jacks or unhook the electric or sewer, and drove south on West Virginia 21 into Kanawha County, leaving gouge marks in the pavement as they went.

Around 6 a.m. on June 30, the victim received a call from a family member asking if he had sold the trailer because it was no longer at the lumber yard. The victim was able to follow the drag marks south on WV 21, up Second Creek Road, onto Derricks Creek Road towards Frogs Creek.

At one point, the perpetrators turned around someone’s driveway. The victim spoke to the person who lived there, who reported seeing the trailer a short distance down the road, according to the complaint. The victim drove to an area of Baybrook Lane Sissonville, where the trailer had been abandoned.