Ally Vintorini is the 12-year-old daughter of Chad and Sarah Vintorini of Ravenswood. She attends Ravenswood Middle School where she will be entering the seventh grade.

Vintorini became interested in pageants when a friend from school started competing. She thought they looked like fun and asked her mother if she could sign up for one. Being fairly new to pageants, Vintorini has captured several titles and has moved up to the big leagues quickly.

In 2018, Vintorini competed in the Junior Miss West Virginia All-Star United States pageant in Charleston and won the crown for her age division. With that win, she earned her place in the national pageant in Savannah, Georgia.

In July 2019, competing in only her seventh pageant, Vintorini traveled to Georgia to compete for the national title of Junior Miss All-Star United States; a title that she captured and brought home to Jackson County.

For three days, she participated in several different activities.

Day one was orientation where Vintorini was introduced to other young ladies, from all around the United States, that she would be competing with.

“That afternoon we went on riverboat cruise,” Vintorini said. “We got to dance and had amazing food. It was my favorite part, I had so much fun.”

Vintorini said day two consisted of a lot of rehearsals, the first phases of competition, and shopping.

“We got to go shopping in some of the stores of the owners who sponsored us,” Vintorini said. “We went to this one place called Wicked Cakes, it was by far some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.”

Following shopping, Vintorini competed in the personal interview portion and ended the evening with the Fun Fashion competition.

Fun Fashion is the phase that allows the girls to show their patriotism. They get to select, sometimes help design, and wear an outfit they feel represents their idea of being patriotic. Vintorini chose to wear a Statue of Liberty costume for Fun Fashion. She worked with a seamstress to design her outfit and incorporate the colors of red, white, and blue.

The final day consisted of more rehearsals, the evening gown competition, and an on-stage question.

Sarah Vintorini said she was prepared to invest in the pageant and buy Ally a custom dress for her national level competition, but Ally did not want that. She told her mom that she wanted to be different, she wanted her dress to be “simple and classic.” Instead of spending a lot of money, they purchased a pre-owned dress from a friend and had it altered to fit Ally and make it more age appropriate.

“When she went on stage, you could hear the ‘Awe’ in the audience,” Sarah said. “After she won, I looked at her and said, ‘you were right about the dress.’ It was perfect and she looked beautiful.”

Since being announced the 2019 Junior Miss All-Star United States winner, Vintorini has signed a year-long contract and has begun promoting her platform of patriotism across the Mountain State. Vintorini is obligated to make quite a few appearances around the United States throughout her year-long reign.

She has started writing a children’s book on the subject of patriotism that she hopes to finish soon and then have published and distributed to the Jackson County Public Libraries, as well as other venues online.

“When I first started, I just wanted to find books on Amazon to read to kids about patriotism,” Vintorini said. “I couldn’t really find any about patriotism for children. I looked at my mom and said, ‘What if I make my own?’”

Sarah Vintorini said Ally wanted to teach kids simple things about patriotism and how to be patriotic. The Miss All-Star United States pageant system has offered to help Ally in getting her book published.

“She is really excited about this,” Sarah said.

Another activity that Vintorini may get to participate in is New York Fashion Week. Sarah Vintorini said the entire United States pageant system will be doing a New York fashion show this year; however, the younger girls are not always included due to the grueling schedules.

Along with her national title comes many responsibilities. Other than making required appearances, Vintorini has the responsibility of posting on social media as well. Her pageant director works closely with all the titleholders to make sure they are safe and responsible in all they do.

“The national director is a very impressive woman,” Sarah said. “She is a former Mrs. United States, she is a support system, and the entire pageant system is very family orientated.”

Along with her title, Vintorini won a Presidential Volunteer Service award for her community service hours.

“Pageantry is about creating a more giving system,” Sarah said. “Community service is a huge part of that.”

At only 12-years-old, Vintorini understands that as a titleholder she is a role model for other girls her age and younger. Pageants are a big part of her life and she encourages others to go out and do what makes them happy and to always be themselves.

“Don’t try to be someone you’re not,” Vintorini said. “Have fun and be yourself, because going out there, there is going to be a lot of different kinds of people and you want to win because of you, you want to win for being yourself.”