The Community Foundation of Jackson County (JCCF, Inc.) awarded the Evans Elementary School funds through the Fall 2018 Community Action Grant Program. The funds were used to purchase new benches to be put around the walking track at the school.

Evans Elementary School is a K-5 public education facility located in Jackson County. The track that is on school grounds services both the Evans community for recreation along with students and faculty who attend the school. The school provides both “public education to students” and it also serves as a “centralized location for community activities,” says Matthew Howery.

This grant is allowing the school to update the benches around the walking track that will be placed on the four corners of the track. These benches will serve the Evans Elementary School affiliates and also the community of Evans as a whole as they can enjoy access to this walking track.

The funds for these benches were needed because the maintenance of the walking track has been left in the hands of the school system. This is due to the disbandment of the ECI organization which originally built and maintained this facility in conjunction with Evans Elementary School.

These benches will allow children to take a rest while playing on the track. It also gives teachers a place to sit while they take their classes out to recess. Plus, it is a great addition to the community as it will serve the public in their use of the walking track at this location. These benches will also aid in reaching a goal set by Evans Elementary. This goal is to “create a foundation of excellence by prioritizing wellness as a central part of the overall health and well-being of our students and community,” says Mr. Howery an affiliate of Evens Elementary School.

Christy Sizemore, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Jackson County, JCCF, Inc. commented “The addition of benches to this walking track will be a great service to the Evans Community. The Community Foundation of Jackson County is delighted to help finding grants and funds to benefit the overall well-being of our community no matter the size of the project. Just as this project helped the children of Evans Elementary School we hope to find many other resources to help aid in the betterment of the greater Jackson County area. The Community Foundation of Jackson County must continue to gather, grow & give. We GATHER and GROW our charitable funds so that we can GIVE more to our community in response to the needs and opportunities in our county.”

This grant was made possible through the Jackson County Community Foundation Support Fund. To learn more about grants and the Community Foundation contact Christy Sizemore at 304-377-4500 or email at Please visit our website at and our Community Foundation of Jackson County Facebook Page.