Operation Jackson County Veterans is a nonprofit organization with a mission to support, encourage, and honor the Veterans of Jackson County.

OJCV has partnered with Maka Mia Pizza, Subs & Pub located at 113 North Church Street in Ripley to host a Bike Night from 6-9 p.m. every other Thursday to help fund the OJCV projects. Patrons are able to participate in raffles and drawings to assist in raising money for the cause.

“We make most of our money off of donations and t-shirts,” OJCV president Vaughn Anderson said. “Bike Night gives us extra money to support all the veterans in the county.”

OJCV provides local veterans with assistance on rent, utility bills, housing supplies, and other necessities.

Transition homes are also on the project list for Anderson and OJCV. Originally known as “tiny homes,” transition homes will be for veterans who are coming home from the military with no place to stay or for veterans who may have lost their homes in some type of natural disaster. For 90 days, these homes will allow the veterans and their families to “transition” to their new lives.

Anderson said he is waiting on information from a grant that was applied for to begin building the transition homes. His hope is to begin building the first home in August of this year.

“Our whole thing is to take care of veterans in this county,” Anderson said. “It’s not just the guys who need a place to stay, it’s any veteran within this county that needs help, they need to contact us.”

Bike Nights at Maka Mia Pizza, Subs & Pub will continue every other Thursday until the weather gets to bad to allow them. Anderson said after that, they will continue working with Maka Mia to host other events to support OJCV.

“I encourage veterans that want or need some help to contact us,” Anderson said. “We’re here to help them.”

With the support from corporate sponsors like Maka Mia Pizza, Subs & Pubs, Wendy’s, Sizemore Insurance, Exclusive Realty, I-77 Auto Group, United Bank, McDonald’s, Hersman & Associates and other local Jackson County businesses, Anderson hopes to keep OJCV up and running for all those veterans in need.

The next Bike Night at Maka Mia Pizza, Subs & Pub will be from 6-9 p.m. on Aug. 15.

For more information on OJCV, to request assistance, or to donate, visit Operation Jackson County Veterans Inc. on Facebook, ojcv.org, or contact Anderson at 304-532-6567.