A Kenna man was charged with escaping from home confinement after he allegedly said he was “done” with home confinement officers.

Jesse Lee Cunningham, 29, 217 Kentuck Road, Kenna, was charged with felony escape from home confinement.

According to a criminal complaint filed by court officer Benjamin J. Willis, Cunningham was on home confinement as a circuit court condition of bond on a felony charge in Jackson County

On July 10, Willis and corrections officer Joseph Vest conducted a home confinement check on Cunningham at 217 Kentuck Road in Kenna. Officers spoke with a female acquaintance of Cunningham at the front door and asked if Cunningham was home, according to the complaint.

The woman stated Cunningham was supposed to go to court and had left in a blue truck driven by a friend. Willis was aware that there were no circuit court hearings scheduled for that day. The alarm was sounding on Cunningham’s field monitoring device while the officers were inside the residence, signifying that Cunningham had gone out of range, according to the complaint.

The officers contacted Cunningham’s public defender, who stated he had met with Cunningham earlier in the day and told Cunningham that his court appearance was being moved to a future date.

After multiple additional attempts to contact Cunningham, Willis was able to reach Cunningham by text message. Willis asked for Cunningham’s location, to which he replied that he was on Interstate 77. Willis told Cunningham to go home and stay home, according to the complaint.

The officers went back to Cunningham’s residence, but he was still not there, according to the complaint. Willis attempted to call Cunningham’s mobile phone. The phone rang twice and then went to voicemail, leading Willis to believe that Cunningham ignored the phone call.

Additional attempts were made to call Cunningham with no answer.

Cunningham’s female acquaintance was able to reach him on Facebook and told him to come home because home confinement officers were at the residence.

According to the complaint, during the Facebook conversation, Cunningham made several statements, including:

“(I don’t care). F--- them. Ya (sic) ain’t (sic) gonna (sic) tell me I’m not aloud (sic) to not (sic) go work.”

“I’m over it. No, I’m not calling. F--- them. I mean it, babe. I’m done with them. They have made my life a miserable hell for the last five months, and it ain’t (sic) happening no (sic) more. Can’t even go to the park or pool with Sissy, or anywhere for that fact. So f--- it. F--- them. Thats the end of it.”

Officers collected Cunningham’s field monitoring device, left the residence, and got an arrest warrant for Cunningham.