This year’s Ohio River Festival, set for Aug. 2-4 at Washington’s Riverfront Park in Ravenswood, will feature a new event.

The Wacky Cardboard Boat Race is sponsored by B&G Heating and Cooling. Teams of four to eight members (age 9 and older) will compete by building their own cardboard boats to see if they can race to the finish line without sinking.

Entry forms are available at the Ripley and Ravenswood locations of Jackson County Public Library, at the offices of C98 in Ripley, or by emailing Entries should be mailed to T. Chapman at 512 Buck Run Road, Ravenswood.

There is a $50 fee to enter. Registration is due by July 27.

The awards are as follows: The Fantastic Floaters Award will go to the first to cross the finish line. The Wonder that Went Down Under Award will go to the boat that sinks in the most dramatic fashion. The I Can’t Believe it’s Cardboard Award will go to the most innovative vessel. The People’s Choice Award goes to the team with the most votes ($1 per vote). The Fashonistas Award will go to the team with the best costumes and theme. The Little Skipper Award will go to the team with the youngest average age. Finally, the Loch Ness Award will go to the boat most in need of a makeover.

The rules are as follows:

• Every crew member must wear a personal flotation device. You must provide your own.

• All crew members must sign a waiver. Nobody will be allowed in the water without a signed waiver.

• Boats must have a minimum of two crew members.

• All boats must be human powered. Please provide your own oars or paddles.

• Crew members must abstain from alcohol consumption until after the race.

• The boat or some portion of it must be maneuvered or propelled by paddling crew members. Boats cannot be pushed through the course by swimmers.

• The entire boat must be built of cardboard, duct tape, and one part polyurethane. Any part of your boat that touches the water must be cardboard. The cardboard may be as thick as you want, but may not be glued or attached to wood, plastic, fiberglass, etc.

• The only exceptions are the oars, paddles, and decorations.

• Waterproof your boat with varnish, paint, polyurethane (or any one-part, paint-like substance). If you don’t want your boat to sink, waterproof the entire vessel with any paintable one-part substance inside and out.

• Decorations are encouraged, but they cannot affect the structural strength or buoyancy unless they are made of cardboard.

• Boats cannot tow anything behind them.

• The crew compartment cannot be enclosed, so as not to interfere with escape.

• Boats should weigh less than 200 pounds (this rule is in case you need help out of the pond).

• Boats should be less than six feet wide.

Boats must be dropped off by 10:30 a.m. at Riverfront Park at the registration table. They will be on display for the People’s Choice Award until the race. The race will start at 5:30 p.m. following the power boat race.