Eleven people were arrested Friday after law enforcement officials broke up drug operation that was bringing heroin and methamphetamine from Columbus to Jackson County.

Those arrested were:

Brandy Hodge, no age or address available, Columbus, arrested on federal charges.

John Mason, no age or address available, arrested on federal charges.

Amanda Cranfield, 41, 7 Bluebird Lane, Ripley, felony transportation of methamphetamine into the state.

Eddie Withrow, 36, 216 Gallatin St., Ravenswood, transportation of methamphetamine into the state.

Micah Kieffer, 33, 223 First Ave., Ripley, conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine and transportation of methamphetamine into the state.

Darrell A. Casto, 32, no address available, conspiracy to deliver heroin.

Andrew Stanley, 27, 67 Hunter Street, Sandyville, conspiracy to deliver heroin.

Medalyen Sayre, 34, 62 Ketubah Lane, Evans, conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Corey Farmer, 30, 1560 Lighthouse Road, Given, conspiracy to deliver heroin

Jamie Garnes, 35, 169 Mud Run Road, Ripley, conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Brittany Myers, 27, 7 Meadowlark Lane, Ripley, Conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

During the winter months of 2019, Deputy S.C. Fisher of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, received information about the distribution of methamphetamine and heroin in Jackson County.

On Feb. 13, Fisher and Chief Deputy Ross Mellinger used a confidential informant to make a controlled purchase of narcotics that lead to the arrest of Sayre and Cranfield.

As a result of the controlled purchase, officers obtained a search warrant for the residence of Cranfield and Withrow. When the warrant was served by Jackson County deputies and agents of the DEA on Feb. 15, officers found 44.04 grams of methamphetamine, 6.61 grams of heroin, digital scales, a semiautomatic handgun, and 6.02 grams of suspected marijuana.

During the ensuing investigation, officers learned large quantities of meth and heroin were coming into the county from Columbus via an individual known as “Jazz,” who was later identified as Hodge.

Through additional controlled purchases and further investigation, officers were able to identify several other individuals who were allegedly purchasing narcotics from Hodge.

Officers learned this group of individuals had been selling an average of 56 grams of methamphetamine a day, or approximately 11.5 pounds total, between Nov. 22, 2018, and Feb. 15, 2019.