Assistant District Governor Christy Sizemore discussed upcoming changes with the Ripley Rotary Club during the weekly meeting held in the Learning Center at Jackson General Hospital on Wednesday, July 10.

Sizemore discussed the website and noted all projects that are completed by the Rotary are to be tracked into the website.

“We are trying to earn our citations and meet our goals,” Sizemore said. “No one knows what we are doing at the district level because we have never reported it on the website. It looks like we are doing absolutely nothing in our club when in fact, that is very far from the truth.”

Other items available on the website include tutorials that are three to four minutes long. Sizemore encouraged all Rotarians to login, check out the site, and participate in some of the tutorials.

Club dues can be paid via the website and annual giving can be made as well. Sizemore said that a portion of the club dues go to Rotary International and those funds go to a combination of four areas; to eradicate polio – which is what the club was originally formed to do, other international projects – such as clean water projects that are done in foreign countries, an international scholarship fund, and an international grant fund.

“Our club has received grant funds every year since I have been involved, at least $1,000,” Sizemore said. “We have used them to pay for things when Chuck goes to Nepal, for our Read Aloud program, we used them for trapper keepers, and numerous other projects and programs.”

The grant request forms now include a section to verify if the group has received their citations or met their goals, which Sizemore noted is an important part of being able to receive future grants.

Sizemore also reviewed the Paul Harris Society information and encouraged her fellow Rotarians to consider becoming a Paul Harris Society member by making a $1,000 yearly contribution to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or approved foundation grants.

Other events and activities to note:

• The Rotary Ford Drive will be on Sept. 7.

• Harvest in the Wood will be the last weekend in September.

• Constellium will be sponsoring a Paint the Plant “Pink” Golf Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 28 with a 9 a.m. shotgun start at Greenhills Country Club. They will also be sponsoring a 5K walk at the plant in October. These events are fundraisers for their Relay for Life program.

• Jackson County has raised almost $41,000 for the Relay for Life program, surpassing their $35,000 goal.

• A Doctober Fest is being planned as part of the kickoff to the Jackson General Hospital Capital Campaign.

• Joe Theismann will be the speaker for the Jackson County Community Foundation dinner on Oct. 17. The newspaper and the JCCF will be doing a special promotion in order for someone to win a free ticket to the dinner. Keep watching the newspaper for further details.

• Nov. 9 will be the Jackson General Hospital Gala.