From one community to another.

That’s been the sentiment behind a recent drive to help folks in flood-troubled areas like Tucker and Marion counties, as well as the community of Harman in Randolph County. Several Jackson County organizations and individuals have pitched in with the effort.

Drop-off locations have been set up at Sizemore Insurance in Fairplain, Jackson General Hospital in Ripley, The JCCF/City National Bank in Ripley, and Premier Bank in Ravenswood to cover all areas of the county.

People have been bringing in items like pillows, blankets, gloves, diapers, Depends, toiletries, undergarments, toilet paper, paper towels, Ensure, Pediasure, Poli-Grip, and cleaning supplies.

The community is welcome to join the effort by bringing supplies to the drop-off locations.

According to Christy Sizemore, director of the Jackson County Community Foundation, the effort started when Rev. Frank Miller posted an article about the recent disaster in Tucker/Marion County on social media.

Sizemore reached out to Rob Burns, director of the Community Foundation Tucker County.

Kelly Stademan, development director of Tucker County, called back with a list of needs.

Officials at Parchment Valley Conference Center also started compiling donations for the needed items. Steve Westfall, Ripley Rotary president, announced a call for help at a Rotary Meeting.

Melanie Mosser of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce also sent out a call to all chamber members and helped Sizemore secure a location in Ravenswood for donation drops.

WVU Extension Agent John David Johnson came into a large load of apples, Sizemore said.

He brought them to Sizemore at the JCCF Office, who, in turn, was able to donate them to the disaster relief effort after filling some Jackson County needs in the community for local canners and church camp children.

Sizemore said Miller and David Hoge of West Virginia Homeland Security will deliver the items on Monday, July 22, to the Tucker County Community Foundation to be disbursed in the needed areas.

All donations will be picked up at their drop-off locations by Friday, July 19. Donations also can be delivered to Parchment Valley Conference Center by Sunday, July 21.