A Ripley man has been charged with two felonies after allegedly holding two females at gunpoint during a domestic disturbance and fighting with police, attempting to pull one officer’s gun from its holster in the process.

Christopher Wayne Steele, 42, 274 High Plains Drive, Ripley, was charged with felony kidnapping and attempting to disarm an officer.

On May 29, deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic altercation at Steele’s High Plains Drive residence. A 14-year-old female had run from the residence to a neighbor’s house and said Steele was making threats with a firearm, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Deputy L.M. Casto arrived on scene and contacted dispatchers by radio but the transmission was cut short. Casto then failed to answer attempts by dispatchers to reach him by radio.

Deputies C.R. Saltsgaver and C.L. Roush arrived on scene, where they found Casto’s cruiser parked in the roadway with the driver’s door open. Casto was found struggling with Steele in front of the residence.

Steele was fighting back and attempting to physically break free from Casto’s grop. Roush and Saltsgaver joined Casto in attempting to place Steele into custody.

Casto’s duty weapon had been knocked to the ground during the struggle and was within Steele’s reach, according to the complaint. Steele continued to fight with deputies, attempting throw them off and grabbing at their bodies and duty belt equipment.

Roush and Saltsgaver attempted to place Steele’s arms behind his back in order to place him in handcuffs, but Steele continued to force his arms out of the officers’ grips, the complaint alleges.

Steele allegedly continued to fight and kept one hand under his body while reaching for officers with the other, the complaint states.

Steele continued to fight, and Saltsgaver and Roush had to resort to physical strikes to prevent him from overtaking them, the complaint alleges.

Steele was able to grasp Saltsgaver’s weapon by the grip and attempted to pull it from the holster, the complaint alleges. Saltsgaver struck Steele with his knee in order to break is grip on the weapon.

Saltsgaver then employed a Taser in an attempt to stun Steele. After two shocks from the Taser, and despite continued struggling, the officers were able to subdue Steele.

Three females in the residence, two juveniles and an adult, reported Steele went into a rage and began breaking things and making threats. The 14-year-old female was able to flee from the residence and went to the neighbor’s, but Steele grabbed a firearm and held the adult female and an 11-year-old girl at gunpoint, the complaint states.