West Virginia is one of the best places in the nation to find wild and delectable foods according to wvtourism.com.

Warm growing seasons and vast forests make West Virginia a forager’s paradise. From wild mushrooms to ramps, berries, and wild game, it’s not hard to believe that the early settlers were able to have bountiful harvests.

The National Wild Foods Association president Edelene Wood who hails from West Virginia, has written books on wild foods of our area.

One of the books Wood has written, A Taste of the Wild: With a Special Section on the Outer Banks, is available on Amazon.

Wood also compiled a manuscript entitled, Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas and the Epiphany, where she describes the “12 Days of Christmas” song as an inspiration for a wild food group Christmas party.

Wood along with several others gather once a month at the First Christian Church on the corner of Sand and Gallitian Streets in Ravenswood to fellowship and enjoy a meal of wild foods.

At their recent luncheon in May, 16 guests enjoyed a feast consisting of duck breast, wild turkey breast, wild boar, ramp soup, mushrooms, pheasant salad, venison, seafood soup, greens with bacon, wild fruit punch, and black walnut cake.

The Nature Wonder Weekend at North Bend State Park in Cairo, West Virginia, is an event that Wood looks forward to every year. It is the longest-running wild foods event in North America.

The event takes place in September and follows a different theme each year. Activities include speakers, presentations, nature walks, park tours, cooking contests, and more.

For more information on Wood, her books, or the wild food feasts, contact Edelene Wood at 304-428-9590 or visit her on Facebook under Edelene Wood.