A Ripley woman was arrested for child neglect after police found her sleeping behind the wheel of a parked vehicle with an infant in the back seat.

Adrienne Jean Kelly-Godwin, 36, 212 West St., Ripley, was charged with a felony count of child neglect creating the risk of injury.

Around 11 p.m. on May 2, the Jackson County 911 Center dispatched Ripley police officers to Kroger to check on a female and a child inside a car, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court by Cpl. Jamie Hart of the Ripley Police Department. The caller stated the car was running and had been sitting in the parking lot for several hours. The female in the car appeared to be asleep, the caller stated.

Hart and Patrolman Aaron Cullen responded and met with the caller, who showed them to the car’s location near the shopping cart storage. The officers approached the silver sport-utility vehicle on the driver’s side.

The officers noted the vehicle was running with the driver’s side window halfway down and the sunroof open in the rain. An adult female was sitting in the driver seat with her head down, according to the complaint.

The officers made several attempts to wake her by verbal command, but she did not respond and did not react when the officers shined their flashlights on her, according to the complaint. Hart reached through the open window of the vehicle and used the seat belt to rock the woman back and forth. She raised her head but did not open her eyes or acknowledge that anyone was there, according to the complaint.

Cullen went to the passenger side to check on the infant in the back seat, where he noted the baby was asleep and breathing.

Officers then requested an ambulance. According to the complaint, the officers saw a smoking device and a clear bag laying in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

When the ambulance arrived, medical personnel were able to wake the driver and check her vital signs. According to the complaint, the woman’s vitals were normal and she denied taking anything, stating she was just “extremely tired.”

The original caller gave a written statement indicating the vehicle had been parked at that location for five or six hours with the engine running the entire time. Shortly before 11 p.m., the caller checked on the vehicle and noticed the woman in the driver’s seat and the baby in the back.

Godwin was allowed to contact her 19-year-old daughter to take custody of the infant before she was arrested and taken to the Ripley Police Department for processing.