A Sandyville man was arrested for breaking his home confinement by going to a local trailer park and drinking instead of going to work when he was supposed to be working in Roane County.

Philip Lee Williams, 21, 49 Ball Road, Sandyville, was charged with escaping from home confinement.

Williams was on home confinement through Jackson County Circuit Court as a condition of his bond, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court by court officer Benjamin Willis.

On April 23, Williams had permission from chief court officer Dee Rhodes to work in Roane County. That evening, Rhodes received a message from an acquaintance of Williams stating that Williams was causing a problem at a residence in the Ashley Lane area of Ripley, according to the complaint.

Rhodes called Williams to inquire about his location, and he allegedly told her he was working in Roane County, the complaint states.

Rhodes told Williams she wanted to speak with his employer. Williams told Rose to hold on and the line disconnected, according to the complaint.

Rhodes then contacted Corporal Jamie Hart of the Ripley Police Department and asked him to go to Ashley Lane attempt to locate Williams. Williams was allegedly drinking an alcoholic beverage when Hart located him, according to the complaint.

A short time later, Rhodes and Willis arrived at Ashley Lane and made contact with Williams. They handcuffed Williams, but he began resisting during a pat-down search. A struggle ensued and the officers kept Williams on the ground until back up arrived. Officers completed the search and took Williams to the sheriff’s office for processing.

At the sheriff’s office, Williams allegedly continued to resist officers, resulting in a small laceration on his head. He was taken to the hospital and cleared for processing.