Police recently arrested two individuals for breaking and entering after a suspect’s dog gave away their hiding spot, police said.

Mark Dylan Shamblin, 25, 521 Hackworth Drive, Kenna, was charged with breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit a felony. Pamela Lynn Redman, 29, 159 Mud Run Road, Ripley, also was charged with breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Around 1:17 p.m. on April 22, the Jackson County 911 Center received a call from ADT Alarm Systems concerning an alarm at a residence on Bull Run Road near Ripley. ADT advised the alarm was tripped on the carriage house door, according to a criminal complaint filed in Jackson County Magistrate Court by Deputy B.L. Varney. West Virginia State Police Corporal Dan Herdman and DNR Officer Danny Dolin also responded.

Varney knew the property had been broken into several times in the past.

Upon arrival, Varney noticed tire tracks in the grass all around the property leading down the hill toward the barn. He followed the tracks and located a dark-colored Ford F-150.

The truck had numerous items in the back, including clothes in totes. Varney and Herdman walked around the property but did not find anyone. Varney noticed muddy footprints on the door of the carriage house.

The officers saw a large black dog on the property. On three occasions, the dog climbed the steps to the carriage house and laid down in front of the door.

Officers ran the registration on the truck and contacted the owner. The owner reported her son, Mark Dylan Shamblin, had taken the truck two days prior. She also confirmed Shamblin had a large, black dog. This led Varney and Herdman to believe that Shamblin was inside the carriage house.

Varney contacted Chief Deputy Ross Mellinger, who responded to the residence along with Detective Eric Cullen.

Shamblin’s mother came to the scene and took the dog. Varney had her try to talk to Shamblin through the door to get him to open up, but the attempt failed.

Varney contacted the property owner and informed him the officers believed the suspects were inside the carriage house. The owner gave the officers permission to force entry into the building.

Varney was able to use a pry bar to get the door open, and Shamblin and Redman were taken into custody. It appeared that they had entered through the roof of the carriage house. The roof and drywall were laying on the inside of the building and there was a hole in the roof.